Varietal trialing at GreenBe Pharma

Our technical team is very busy on the first cycle of agronomic and variety trials in the greenhouse.

Variety testing in any commercial crop, including Cannabis, is essential when selecting cultivars for production because it identifies the varieties that perform best under specific environmental conditions.

These agronomical trials allow different cultivars to be evaluated based on factors such as yield potential, disease resistance, adaptation to different production systems and climates, and overall plant performance. Choosing the right cultivar has a crucial impact on crop success, so a thorough evaluation of multiple varieties is required to make an informed decision.

Motherstock trial

The following are some of the factors considered in the variety trials we’ve started to run in our facilities:

YIELD potential is probably one of the most important factors to consider in variety trials. Different cultivars produce different yields, and selecting the one with the highest potential can boost overall profitability, but can’t be isolated from QUALITY in terms of adequacy to an intended use. Quality factors are always customer specifications and can help us look for a specific terpenic profile, the size and eternal aspect of the flower, or a desired chemotype for a specific patient need.

Disease and pest RESISTANCE: Different Cannabis strains have varying levels of disease and pest resistance. Choosing a healthy, , tolerant or resistant cultivar reduces the need for additional plant health control measures, resulting in more sustainable and cost-effective production.

Specific environment ADAPTATION: The same cultivar will perform differently in each given production scenario. Evaluating cultivars under our own conditions plays an important role in determining which ones are best suited for our specific greenhouse design and the operability of the environmental factors that we can control, which are different from any other productive unit.

We have begun to test unique cannabis strains from internationally renowned breeding companies in order to provide products with competitive advantages.

According to the intended use, these strains will be imported and trialed in our conditions to verify that they suit our customers needs and expectations, and only then will they go into the commercial phase.

You can rely on us, we’ve been committed to varietal selection in many crops for six generations…

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