Desarrollo de productos enfocados a las necesidades de la industria
Development of products focused on the needs of the industry

We produce to customer specification the most suitable genetics for each application with a wide spectrum of chemotypes, terpene profiles, flavonoids and other molecules of interest to the pharmaceutical industry. We have access to the main global genebanks of legal protected genetics for medicinal uses.
We can also develop tailor-made varietal programmes in collaboration with leading breeders and research centres with expertise in this species. We can supply Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for clinical trials, observational studies and contract research projects on demand.

Fabricación a la demanda y controles de calidad exhaustivos
Innovative formulations and comprehensive quality control

Thanks to our flexible manufacturing system, with sufficient lead time we can supply small batches of regular production for different markets or applications. Our validation and quality control laboratory is designed for continuous monitoring and supervision of all production processes under GACP standards from cuttings and mother plants to the end of harvest, and with European GMPs throughout the manufacturing process, starting at the green flower trimming stage and ending at dispatch.

Prácticas sostenibles y modelos de producción responsables
Sustainable practices and responsible production models

In Alentejo we have ideal conditions in terms of hours of natural light for the growth of our vegetative phase in high-tech greenhouses, which allows us unbeatable energy efficiency. In addition to producing a very significant part of the energy with photovoltaic panels, we use the remains of crop biomass from our other agricultural productions (mainly olive pits and almond shells) to heat the greenhouses in times of greater energy demand, favouring the principles of circularity in our systems. The vegetable waste generated in our activity will be composted and reused as fertiliser in our other agricultural productions.

Innovación en sistemas productivos de alta eficiencia
Innovation in highly efficient production systems

A multidisciplinary team of agricultural engineers with expertise in biosystems, in a company with experience accumulated over five generations, is capable of finding the best technical solution for each situation using the minimum of resources. We test each variety we use in cultivation before validating it, and we adapt the process stages to the customer’s specifications for maximum expression of the desired chemotypes in each supply contract.

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