Desarrollo Varietal
Tailor-made varietal development

Varietal innovation is one of the success factors of any Cannabis cultivation project. Our production design allows us to be very flexible when it comes to adapting the cultivated product and for this we invest in development projects and market introduction of new varieties.


We team with breeding partners that use state of the art science and advanced technology. With the introduction of new biological technologies, cannabis breeding programs can use next-generation sequencing, high-throughput phenotyping, and high-throughput genotyping to accelerate the development of new or improved cultivars. Technology can help in the development of molecular markers for the identification of genes responsible for certain phenotypic characteristics, which can be dominant or not, taking into account the variety and production conditions.

Tecnología de producción e ingeniería de biosistemas
Production technology and biosystems engineering

Biosystems engineering combines the principles of biology, engineering, and agronomy to improve the efficiency and productivity of cannabis production systems. The main focus of this discipline is to develop and implement high end technologies, systems, and practices that increase the yield, quality, and safety of cannabis flower production for medicinal purposes.


From the development of our own patents for the control of factors that affect productivity to the development of traceability software based on artificial intelligence, our team is able to offer in-house creative solutions to the daily challenges of production. In addition, we have an active collaboration network with the main research centres in agronomy and horticulture at an international level.

Extracción y purificación
Validation of extraction and purification technologies

Research in extraction technology within the cannabis industry is a crucial and rapidly expanding field that concentrates on the improvement of methods for the extraction of active compounds from the cannabis plant. The primary objective of this research is to enhance the efficiency, safety, and quality of the extraction process, as well as increasing the yield of Cannabinoids. The areas of study encompass the development of novel solvents, the optimization of existing extraction procedures, and the creation of innovative extraction technologies.

We are working with external partners to develop systems that improve the efficiency of variety-dependent extraction and purification processes.

Ensayos clínicos
Supply of chemotypes for research

Our company is well positioned to support the needs of the biomedical research community through our expertise in the cultivation and processing of high-quality cannabis chemotypes. We understand the importance of reliable and consistent supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients for research purposes, and are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.


In addition to supplying GMP-compliant active pharmaceutical ingredients, we also offer a range of services to support research initiatives. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is available to assist with the design and implementation of research projects, as well as providing training and support for laboratory personnel.

Plagas y enfermedades
Resistance to pests and biotic stress

We promote research to increase basic and applied knowledge in different agronomic aspects that influence yield and crop quality, paying special attention to biotic stresses and resistance to pests and diseases of the species, as well as to avoid the appearance of fungal pathologies in post-harvest.


We work to develop solutions that help us increase the resilience of our crops and prevent the spread of pathogens. To achieve this goal, we collaborate with plant pathology research groups to investigate and develop innovative solutions to the main cultivation problems

Prácticas sostenibles
Sustainable practices and responsible production

The efficient use of inputs and resources, the reduction of water and carbon footprint in our activity, and the use of production waste is another of the priority lines of research of GreenBe Pharma’s engineers. We are able to generate a very important part of the energy we consume in our processing plant with our own photovoltaic plant and in times of surplus, we can transfer it to the grid.

We bring new medicinal cannabis formulations to the Pharmaceutical Industry